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The SkyBoat was formed to help military veterans and college students gain experience in news and media. Launched in 2012, founder Adrian Beecher wants to give back to the community and expose others to the multitude of opportunities available in the sports industry.  Beecher, a military veteran, hopes SkyBoat can serve as a platform to help others overcome struggle, depression and confidence while allowing for a creative space where people can achieve their dreams.

TheSkyBoat.com is a registered 501c(3) non-profit news organization.

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Become part of the team! We understand how hard finding an internship that caters to you can be. At the SkyBoat, we know how to get our own coffee, therefore we need you here for the real tasks.

The SkyBoat is an Educational Registered Non-profit 501 C (3) news organization that was created to help College Students, Military Veterans and aspiring media professionals gain experience in the Media Industry. While operating as a news organization, providing coverage across the country, we build relationship’s within the industry. Through these relationships, we provide individuals the opportunity to improve career skills, while being published on a credible news website.

We have covered 20+ Championship games over the past 5 years, including 5 College Football National Championship Games, 5 ACC Football Championships, 3 AAC Mens Basketball Championships, the 2015 & 2017  NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship. Additional coverage includes the Heisman Trophy Presentations from 2014-16, ACC Media Days, the 2015 Special Olympic’s World Games in LA and 17 of 40 college Bowl Games in the 16-17 College Football Bowl Season. Additionally, in the 2017-18 College Football Bowl season, we covered 22 of the 40 Bowl games.

Our program currently works with over 100 members spread across the state’s of Florida, California, Massachusetts, Indiana, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Kentucky and North Carolina.  Members enter the program looking to improve their skill set and build their resume. After a year & a half to two years, they graduate from the program and move on into the industry or to take on their own venture’s.  It’s a way for them to feel connected in the industry and take a learners approach to the industry while being given industry deadlines. All the while, we provide mentorship and personal branding tools to increase the value of each member’s own brand.

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The SkyBoat provides hands-on training and learning opportunities in fields such as journalism, photography, social media, event planning and marketing to name a few. If you have a passion to grow as an individual in the professional media field, don’t just study your career, start it!