Written by Tyler Pastorius

It is that time of the year where the Supercross season is back. Of course just like every year, the season is kicked off in Anaheim, California for A1. This year for A1 the day started off a little cloudy and when the Main Event came around at 9 PM, there was a downpour for California. This led to some interesting results that may have surprised some. But for those following the scene and staying up to date on social media, those who have been putting in the work definitely showed up tonight in Anaheim.

450 SX Main Event

1. Justin Barcia

2. Ken Roczen

3. Eli Tomac

4. Dean Wilson

5. Cooper Webb

6. Aaron Plessinger

7. Malcolm Stewart

8. Marvin Musquin

9. Chad Reed

10. Cole Seely

11. Justin Brayton

12. Blake Baggett

13. Vince Friese

14. Jason Anderson

15. Justin Hill

16. Joey Savatgy

17. Carlen Gardner

18. Ben Lamay

19. Justin Bogle

20. Ryan Breece

21. Tyler Bowers

22. Kyle Chisholm

The podium consisted of Eli Tomac in third, Ken Roczen in second, and Justin Barcia on top of the box claiming the first victory of the 2019 season. For Tomac, a third place is not much of a surprise seeing as he has been a runner up to the championship the past couple of years. But seeing how he did not have a strong start and at one point was behind -16 seconds from the lead, he went head down and led a charge to mount a podium finish. Looking at Roczen and Barcia, both have sustained injured over the past couple of years and this was a great welcome back to the Supercross season for them. Many viewed Roczen and Barcia to be two riders who can contest to win races this years and weren’t really thought of championship contenders. However with tonight’s performance K-Roc and Bam-Bam let the entire industry know that they are back and are here to stay to for this year. Of course injuries play a huge role in the season so staying healthy will be a big factor for both riders.

In fourth place was former Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna Factory Racing rider turned privateer, Dean Wilson. Prior to A1 there was speculation that Dean might replace Zach Osborne after he sustained a collarbone injury. The team reached out to Dean but he replaced the offer and wanted to support the sponsors that he gathered for the season. However, the Rockstar/Husky team is supporting Dean by helping him out with parts and post race breakdown of the bike so it is an interesting situation. In terms of the race, Dean had a great night where he was leading for a little over half of the main event. That was a huge statement for the privateer rider who turned in a great night and almost finished third on the box but Eli Tomac’s last lap charge caught up to Wilson which placed Dean with a fourth overall.

Last year’s champion Jason Anderson on the Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna Factory team was not a notable name in Anaheim for the season opener. There were talks of trouble with vision during the race due to some riders using a double goggle system and Jason was one of those riders that there was speculation if he was doing that. The rain was a big factor for a lot of riders and if it played a role in Jason’s vision for the race it makes sense however, if not and there was just some “mystery” issue this can be a huge issue for last years champion. With a stacked 450 class this year, a fourteenth place finish is not ideal for someone who wants to come away with the title in Vegas.

Malcolm Stewart started off strong in second behind Dean Wilson. But coming off of a huge double trying to overtake Dean, Malcolm locked his brakes going into the corner and washed him out. He was able to maintain to hold onto a seventh place finish.

Cooper Webb who a lot of people had questions about came in on the Red Bull/KTM Factory team with a rough start to the main event. Webb was collected in a crash at the start of the race before the holeshot but he was able to maintain a good pace to power back to a fifth place finish. This was one of Webb’s best races in the 450 class and looks to be fitting in well with the Red Bull KTM team. Webb also started training with notable trainer Aldon Baker in Florida during the off season and some of his improvements where seen in A1. Aldon has trained multiple past champions including Jason Anderson so this in my opinion was a great move for Cooper Webb to try to get back to a dominant role that he seen in the 250 class.

Cooper Webb’s teammate Marvin Musquin finished with a quiet eighth place. Marvin started off slow and put together a quiet charge who was working together with Cooper Webb to take over some of the other riders during the charge including Chad Reed and Jason Anderson.

The season opener was hard to gauge with the rainy conditions but it was a big statement race for many riders. Notably, Eli Tomac looked great again with his charge through the field. But on the other hand Ken Roczen on the Honda HRC team along with Justin Barcia on the Factory Yamaha team both made a huge podium appearance to start the season while looking to keep the momentum going throughout the season. Of course Dean Wilson getting fourth place is huge as well as a privateer and not joining the Rockstar/Husky team. With the conditions that happened tonight, next week will be a big telling point of where riders are going from rain and outside to a indoor stadium in Phoenix.

The series continues next weekend for Round 2 in Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona. We will be able to break things down a little more next week with two races underneath the seasons belt and a race bearing no conditions. Whos next for the Supercross title?

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